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The Defense Transportation Journal published my initial article about the Defense Travel System (DTS) in their June 2002 edition. I appreciate the opportunity to provide an update. Most recently, the Defense Travel System transitioned our pilot sites to the newest software release, referred to as "Enhanced Jefferson." This was a significant leap forward in providing improved travel services to travelers and travel administrators alike. Today, DTS is totally web-based with a commercial industry look and feel. The traveler simply logs into DTS from his/her workstation and follows travel arrangement processes that mirror those of Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz online booking engines. There is no need to load any software on the workstation other than a web browser plugin for digital signature authentication and system security. DTS offers many benefits beyond the travel arrangements function. For example, DTS provides built-in travel policy guidance and traveler entitlements. The traveler and the Approving Official do not have to be experts in DoD travel policy or regulations. The policy is embedded in DTS and if the traveler makes a selection that is outside of policy, the system automatically flags that entry, requiring the traveler to justify the exception or change the selection to comply with DoD policy. The audit flag(s) and the justification are automatically forwarded to the Approving Official for his/her review.
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