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Non contact phonographic discs digitisation using structured colour illumination

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We propose an innovative contact less optical playing device for 78 rpm and 33 rpm lateral modulatio phonographic discs, using structured colour illumination. An area of the disc is illuminated by a beam of rays, with colour depending on the direction of incidence that are reflected by the groove wall towards a camera image. In contrast with standard methods, tha measure the velocity of the groove at a single location, direct access to the audio signal value is obtaine here directly from pictures through colour decoding, and the whole height of the groove wall is exploited. This colour coding allows for the detection of occluding dust, and automated interpolation of missing audi signal. Results on distortion, S/N ratio, and bandwidth are presented.
来源: https://www.10026.com/waiwenhuiyi_thesis/o3lmyb.html [免费获取该论文&期刊全文请访问原址]
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