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Making Intelligent Systems Adaptive (Revision)

Contemporary intelligent systems are isolated problem-solvers. They accept classes of problems, reason about them, perhaps request additional information, and eventually produce solutions. By contrast, human beings and other intelligent animals continuously adapt to the demands and opportunities pre

Configuration Management Evaluation Guidance for High Robustness Systems

Configuration Management (CM) plays a vital role in the development of trusted computing systems. The Common Criteria (CC) provides a framework for performing Information Technology (IT) security evaluations of these systems and further emphasizes CM's role in the development and evaluation process

A Study on the Operational and Logistics Impact on System Readiness

Several prediction techniques are used to predict the maintainability characteristics of a system or equipment during its design and development. These predictions are updated throughout the development and production process. The maintainability characteristics are often demonstrated and validated

In-Line Wear Monitor

This report describes the construction and test results of an in-line monitor for critical ferrous and nonferrous metal debris in turbine engine lubrication systems. The in-line wear monitor (ILWM) is being developed by Allison Gas Turbine Division and a subcontractor, Princeton Gamma-Tech. The syst

Space Wei QI: The Launch of Shenzhou V

Wei Qi is the favorite Chinese board game chess with more than two hundred pieces rather than sixteen, allowing for significantly increased strategic complexity. When Lieutenant Colonel Yang Liwei lifted off into space from China's Jiuquan launch site just after 9 am on 15 October 2003, returning tw

Integration of Detectors and Optical Waveguide Structures

Integrated detection of light propagating in an optical waveguide with a photodetector array fabricated directly on the waveguide surface has been demonstrated. Devices having very good performance were formed by depositing polycrystalline silicon and laser recrystallizing it prior to device fabrica

Scheme Evolution and the Relationship Algebra Revision

This paper discusses extensions to the conventional relational algebra to support both aspects of transaction time, evolution of a database's contents and evolution of a database's scheme. The authors define a relation's scheme to be the relation's temporal signature, a function mapping the relation

Military Retirement: Background and Recent Developments

The military retirement system is a non-contributory, defined benefit system that has historically been viewed as a significant incentive in retaining a career military force. The system currently includes monthly compensation and benefits after an active or reserve military career, disability retir

Carrier Aviation's Applicability in the New World Order

The United States' emerging national security strategy is evolving in an environment dominated by the uncertainties of the New World Order and a national fiscal consensus that focus's on the domestic well-being of the nation. This environment has resulted in a reduced aircraft carrier force structur

The Joint Strike Force: A Capability to Meet the Strategic Requirements in 2020

The organizational paradigm must shift from the current joint headquarters design to a more adaptive and flexible structure to support rapid decisive operations that can respond to world-wide future threats and decisively achieve national security objectives. Many factors differentiate the Joint Str

Detection and Location Capabilities of Multiple Infrasound Arrays

In the first phase of this contract, we have developed an integrated approach to using wavenumber parameters and their covariance properties from a collection of local arrays for estimating location, along with an uncertainty ellipse. Hypothetical wavenumber estimators and their uncertainties are us

Security and the Environment in Pakistan

This report focuses on the nexus between security and environmental concerns in Pakistan that have the potential to affect American security and foreign policy interests. Environmental concerns include, but are not limited to, water and food scarcity, natural disasters, and the effects of climate ch