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Progress in Preparation and Application of Fabric Electrodes

Fabric electrode is an emerging electrode element; due to some of its advantages, it can replace traditional conductive gel to become the next generation of electrode. This paper starts from the definition of fabric electrode, introduces the definition and working principle of fabric electrode, mate

Dividend Payout Ratio and Firm’s Profitability Evidence from Pakistan

This paper investigates the relationship between dividend payout ratioand profitability of a firm. For this, two main sectors of Pakistan areselected, energy and textile. The study covers a time span of 1996-2008. Firmperformance is measured by earning per share (EPS) and return on assets (ROA).The

Design and Measurements of Ultra-Wideband Antenna

This paper describes the design, realization and experimental measurements of an antenna element to operate at ultra-wideband (UWB) spectrum. The type of this antenna is a circular disk monopole (CDM), with two notches opposite to each other at two sides of the disk. The feed of the antenna is a cop

Changing Spaces for Civil Society Organisations in China

Concerns about shrinking spaces for civil society organisations haverisen in China over the past years, in particular among international nonprofitorganisations. The third sector in China, however, continued its growth innumbers, diversity and activities of organisations, accounting for more than700

The Method of Recognizing International Law

The United Nations, as the central core, coordinates the steps taken to establish international peace and security and to develop friendly relations between countries, based on the principle of equality of rights and autonomy of nations, and achieve international cooperation in the sphere of economi

Dynamics of Income Distribution — A Diffusion Analysis

The study is motivated by the observation that the distribution of income across countries varies as a function of time. It would not be unreasonable to assume that there exists a statistical equilibrium distribution of income with a certain mean and variance, towards which the ensemble of countries

Negative thermal diffusivity enhancement in semiconductor nanofluids

Colloidal suspensions of semiconductor InP@ZnS nanoparticles were prepared using single-step procedure without precursor injection. Thermal properties of toluene containing InP@ZnS semiconductor with different sizes (3.1, 4.2, and 4.6 nm) were measured by mode mismatched dualbeam thermal lens techni

Peculiarities of CO2 exchange in soybean genotypes contrasting in grain yield

The peculiarities of leaf carbon dioxide gas exchange in soybean genotypes grown in field over a large area and contrasting in duration of vegetation, photosynthetic traits and productivity were studied. Varietal differences in the daily and ontogenetic changes in photosynthesis and photorespiration