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美国能源部文献库 : 外军国防科技报告

Optical waveguide tamper sensor technology (Technical Report) | OSTIGOV

Dielectric optical waveguides exhibit properties that are well suited to sensor applications. They have low refractive index and are transparent to a wide range of wavelengths. They can react with the surrounding environment in a variety of controllable ways. In certain sensor applications, it is ad

A new multifluid turbulent-mix model (Technical Report) | OSTIGOV

Equations are proposed for a new multifluid turbulent-mix model intended to simulate fluid flows near unstable material interfaces. The model is based on the usual decomposition of the fluid properties into mean and fluctuating parts whose evolution equations are obtained from the Navier-Stokes equa

Operating Reserve Implication of Alternative Implementations of an Energy Imbalance Service on Wind Integration in the Western Interconnection: Preprint (Conference) | OSTIGOV

During the past few years, there has been significant interest in alternative ways to manage power systems over a larger effective electrical footprint. Large regional transmission organizations in the Eastern Interconnection have effectively consolidated balancing areas, achieving significant econo