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Self Motion Perception and Motion Sickness

The studies conducted in this research project examined several aspects of motion sickness in animal models. A principle objective of these studies was to investigate the neuroanatomy that is important in motion sickness with the objectives of examining both the utility of putative models and defini

Variable word length encoder reduces TV bandwith requirements

Adaptive variable resolution encoding technique provides an adaptive compression pseudo-random noise signal processor for reducing television bandwidth requirements. Complementary processors are required in both the transmitting and receiving systems. The pretransmission processor is analog-to-digit

AgRISTARS documents tracking list report

A quarterly listing of those documents and related publications that have been issued and placed in the AgRISTARS tracking system is presented. The Tracking List Report provides a catalog, by project, of technical publications arranged by type of document and gives the reference AgRISTARS document n

Overcash, D R

The objectives of this investigation were to determine the characteristics of semiconductor devices at low temperatures. The output characteristics of several currently available semiconductor devices and devices fabricated at Marshall Space Flight Center were measured over a range of gate voltages.

Operation of an experimental algal gas exchanger for use in a CELSS

Concepts of a Closed Ecological Life Support System (CELSS) anticipate the use of photosynthetic organisms (higher plants and algae) for air revitalization. The rates of production and uptake of carbon dioxide and oxygen between the crew and the photosynthetic organisms are mismatched. An algal syst

Power and charge dissipation from an electrodynamic tether

The Plasma Motor-Generator project utilizes the influence of the geomagnetic field on a conductive tether attached to a LEO spacecraft to provide a reversible conversion of orbital energy into electrical energy. The behavior of the current into the ionospheric plasma under the influence of the geoma

Chemical evolution in spiral and irregular galaxies

A brief review of models of chemical evolution of the interstellar medium in our galaxy and other galaxies is presented. These models predict the time variation and radial dependence of chemical composition in the gas as function of the input parameters; initial mass function, stellar birth rate, ch

Wind-tunnel acoustic results of two rotor models with several tip designs

A three-phase research program has been undertaken to study the acoustic signals due to the aerodynamic interaction of rotorcraft main rotors and tail rotors. During the first phase, two different rotor models with several interchangeable tips were tested in the Langley 4- by 7-Meter Tunnel on the U

Boundary-layer equations in generalized curvilinear coordinates

A set of higher-order boundary-layer equations is derived valid for three-dimensional compressible flows. The equations are written in a generalized curvilinear coordinate system, in which the surface coordinates are nonorthogonal; the third axis is restricted to be normal to the surface. Also, high

A statistical rain attenuation prediction model with application to the advanced communication technology satellite project Part 2: Theoretical development of a dynamic model and application to rain fade durations and tolerable control delays for fade countermeasures

A dynamic rain attenuation prediction model is developed for use in obtaining the temporal characteristics, on time scales of minutes or hours, of satellite communication link availability. Analagous to the associated static rain attenuation model, which yields yearly attenuation predictions, this d

Small Gas Turbine Combustor Primary Zone Study

A development process is described which consists of design, fabrication, and preliminary test evaluations of three approaches to internal aerodynamic primary zone flow patterns: (1) conventional double vortex swirl stabilization; (2) reverse flow swirl stabilization; and (3) large single vortex flo

Hybrid fuel cell/diesel generation total energy system, part 2

Meeting the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex (DGSCC) electrical and thermal requirements with the existing system was compared with using fuel cells. Fuel cell technology selection was based on a 1985 time frame for installation. The most cost-effective fuel feedstock for fuel cell applic

ICAN: Integrated composites analyzer

The ICAN computer program performs all the essential aspects of mechanics/analysis/design of multilayered fiber composites. Modular, open-ended and user friendly, the program can handle a variety of composite systems having one type of fiber and one matrix as constituents as well as intraply and int

Numerical prediction of the Mid-Atlantic states cyclone of 18-19 February 1979

A series of forecast experiments was conducted to assess the accuracy of the GLAS model, and to determine the importance of large scale dynamical processes and diabatic heating to the cyclogenesis. The GLAS model correctly predicted intense coastal cyclogenesis and heavy precipitation. Repeated with

Signal statistics of the radar echoes: Angle-of-arrival statistics, part 22A

The Doppler spectra, measured with a vertical antenna beam, are characterized by essentially two different kinds of distributions, one has a very narrow and the other a broad spectral width. The former is accepted as due to reflection whereas the latter is due to scattering. It can happen that both