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From 'single parent' to bound pairs' : the secret life of computerese

This discussion takes an initial look at the use of selected lexical items in Computer Science text through corpus-building and concordancing techniques, and attempts to propose a prototype entry for the possible compilation of a glossary of technical and sub-technical terms in this discipline.

Optical Anisotropy of Zinc-Blende Semiconductors in an Electric Field

A theory of optical anisotropy for zinc-blende semiconductors in an electric field is derived by extending the formalism of Luttinger and Kohn [Phys. Rev. 97, 869 (1955)] to higher order. This resolves a recent controversy over the correct form of the Hamiltonian for the degenerate valence bands.

On the SPH-distribution class

Following up Neuts’ idea, the SPH-distribution class associated with bounded Q matrices for infinite Markov chains is defined. The main result in this paper is to characterize the SPH class through the derivatives of the distribution functions. Based on the characterization theorem, closure properti

Extended states in systems with odd-rank transfer matrices

The localization properties are investigated within a transfer matrix formulation. We find that there may exist one extended eigenstate when the rank of the transfer matrix is odd. An edge state in a quantum Hall system is such an example. It is a chiral state that can always carry a current.

Wireless infrastructure and ad hoc network integration

A system and method for integrating infrastructure and ad hoc wireless networks. In one example embodiment, a plurality of nodes and access points exchange beacons and route replies which are forwarded by intervening nodes. Nodes determine whether to switch access points based on cost values contain