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农林牧渔 : 学术学位

Aspects of nucleotide nutrition in pigs.

A series of studies was conducted with the objective of evaluating the effect of supplementing dietary nucleotides in weaning pig diets. The first study was designed to measure the concentration of nucleotides in the colostrum and milk of sows. The concentrations of 5'AMP, 5 'CMP, 5'GMP, and 5'IMP c

Study of tillage tool-soil-crop residue interaction.

Soil and surface straw movement by a single sweep tool were experimentally studied, and then physically based mathematical models were developed and validated. Soil bin and field experiments were conducted using cereal straw and a 325-mm-wide sweep to study soil and straw interaction. Experimental f

Patterns of insect occurrence on exotic and native trees.

Patterns of insect occurrence on trees and shrubs growing in an exotic habitat are unknown for most species. Robinia neomexicana A. Gray is a common native shrub/tree in northern Arizona. A closely related species native to the eastern United States, R. pseudoacacia

How Nice of You, Doctor: Adorno's Freudian Ethics.

This dissertation represents an attempt to construct an account of Adorno's ethics in terms of the Freudian understanding of the human being that undergirds Adorno's thought. It thus proceeds in two directions. First, it aims to illustrate the inadequacies in current attempts to reconstruct the ethi

Black liquor from crop straw pulping as a potassium source and soil amendment.

Crop straw represents an abundant, inexpensive and renewable fiber source for papermaking. Use of straw as a papermaking material may reduce deforestation through adopting alternative pulping materials. However, current reliance on Na-based pulping technology often generates black liquor that produc

Institutional change and forest management: The case of Tlalmanalco, Mexico.

This study examines institutional change in forest management in Tlalmanalco, Mexico, over the period 1877--1999 based on qualitative methods. The level of analysis is the domain of forest management, a level of analysis intermediary between macro/national policy and micro/local organizations and gr