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Evaluation of multiple small volume aquaculture cage systems.

The construction of the University of New Hampshire (UNH) American Soybean Association International Marketing (ASAIM) cage was documented and modifications were made to the original design. Testing included hydrostatics and solid modeling to ensure modifications would not violate cage parameters.;T

Surface and subsurface fault and fracture systems with associated natural gas production in the Lower Mississippian and Upper Devonian, Price Formation, southern West Virginia.

Production from natural gas deposits is often enhanced by fault and fracture systems associated with reservoirs. This study presents analyses of fault and fracture systems within the Mississippian Price Formation in Southern West Virginia using subsurface well data and fracture data from surface ana

Numerical modelling of the evolution of oblate hailstones in Alberta storms.

The mass growth and heat budget equations of a hailstone model were extended to allow for oblate forms with a rough surface. This hail growth model was coupled with a one-dimensional steady-state cloud model to predict the maximum hail size for Alberta hailstorms. Model runs were initialized with pr

Caracterisation du systeme aurifere filonien d'Aquilon-Baie-James, Quebec.

Ce projet de maitrise, developpe en partenariat avec le CERM de l'UQAC et les compagnies SOQUEM INC. et Ressources Sirios, avait comme objectif principal d'etablir la chronologie des evenements geologiques de la propriete Aquilon, afin de situer la mise en place d'un systeme aurifere filonien. Il de

The thermal infrared spectroscopy of opal-A between 0.5--25 micrometers.

Opal-A is the main component of siliceous sinters in many terrestrial systems, and it commonly preserves silicified microorganisms. Opal-A from the Taupo Volcanic Zone (North Island, New Zealand) yielded reflectance (wavelengths between 0.5-25 mum) and absorbance spectra (wavelengths between 2.5-14

Geology of the Wanapitei Complex, Grenville Front, Ontario.

Numerous intrusions, which were emplaced along the boundary between Laurentia-Baltica and the North American cratonic nuclei at approximately 1750 Ma. They are interpreted as an episode of late post-Penokean accretionary cratonic growth. All of the intrusions, with the exception of the Wanapitei Com