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More than a game: The interaction of sport and community in Guelph (Ontario).

The popularity of sport amongst all sections of society is a result of a complex interaction with those that it touches. It is also revealing of a malleability which has always enabled people to mould sport as they saw fit and glean from it what they wanted. This thesis aims to articulate this inter

Gene patents: History, effects, and the question of propriety.

For centuries, patents have served as an economic incentive for promoting research and development by conferring time-limited exclusive rights. The history of biotechnology patents, and more specifically, patents related to genetics is relatively recent. Both case law and legislation have shaped the

Protein adsorption studies using surface plasmon resonance.

A study was undertaken to investigate the adsorption of two proteins, bovine serum albumin (BSA) and pepsin, to a gold surface using surface plasmon resonance (SPR). The SPR experiment was constructed for the study of fluid samples and the performance of the experiment was evaluated using custom dat

Fungal communities associated with roots of the Betulaceae.

Communities of fungi associated with roots and nodules of Alnus incana subsp. tenuifolia and the roots of Betula papyrifera collected at four sites in the aspen parkland ecosystem around Edmonton, Alberta, were described using taxonomic and physiological approaches. Patterns in community structure,

A likelihood model of gene family evolution.

The duplication of genes is a source of new genes, and thus can be of great interest. This thesis presents a simple model of gene duplication and gene loss, and a method by which the probability of a gene phylogeny can be computed for particular rates of these processes. This allows the likelihood o

Promotion induced competitive effects: Two essays.

This dissertation focuses on the empirical generalizations related to retailer promotions. Two essays are developed addressing the generalizations. The first essay addresses the contradiction in the calculations of primary and secondary demand effects. A mathematical proof is developed to show that

Fungal assemblages in moss and lichen mats of boreal Manitoba.

Fungal assemblages in mats of Cladonia mitis, C. rangiferina, and Pleurozium schreberi in Manitoba were isolated and compared in July and September. Temporal changes in these fungal assemblages were seen over the two sampling periods. The fungal assemblages of C. mitis and C. rangiferina were signif