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An efficient road sign detection and recognition algorithm.

In this thesis, a new method for detecting and recognizing road signs from real world scenes is presented. The main outline of this method is composed of three parts: detecting road signs, i.e. road sign segmentation, shape recognition of segmented areas, and identifying the meaning of the detected

ECGOnline: A distributed ECG analyzer with Java implementation.

This study designs and implements a distributed electrocardiogram (ECG) analyzer (“ECGOnline”) for academic use. The analyzer consists of the client and server programs. The client, with a graphic user interface, performs I/O operations, filters ECG signals, extracts ECG features, and di

Constructing underwater sensor based barriers using distributed auctions.

Technology advancement has allowed submarines to evade standard sonar detection. A viable alternative is to place magnetic or acoustic sensors in close proximity to possible underwater pathways of submarines. This approach may require deploying large-scale underwater sensor networks to form 3-dimens

Linking CORAL to MySQL and PostgreSQL.

A Graph Database System is developed at Concordia University. In this system, CORAL is used as the deductive engine. Since MySQL and PostgreSQL are selected to manage the persistent data, connections between CORAL and MySQL as well as PostgreSQL need to be established.; This thesis mainly proposes a

Modeling and control of an automotive fuel cell thermal system.

This work develops an 8th order, non-linear thermal model of an automotive Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell system. Subsystem models were developed from first principals where ever possible and validated against data from a physical system. The entire model was then validated against system

A formal analysis of exchange of digital signatures.

A fair signature exchange protocol lets two parties exchange digital signatures on a specified text. In optimistic protocols, it is possible for two signers to do so without invoking a trusted third party. However, an adjudicating third party remains available should one or both signers seek timely

The Information Discovery Graph: A framework for a distributed search engine.

To fully utilize the power of the World Wide Web, users must be able to find the information they want. However, the current dominant search engine model is that of a centralized search engine. The centralized model has a number of potential problems, such as a single point of vulnerability to attac

User modelling for an adaptive system: An intelligent email client.

This research explores problems of email filtering as an application of Machine Learning and User Modelling. The main objective of this thesis is to create a prioritization model that identifies high priority emails. The hypothesis is that this produces a user model that can filter out spam email th

An application of finite elements method to reduce noise inside a car cavity.

Dynamic frequency response is used for different applications in noise vibration and harshness analysis of mechanical and structural systems subject to external loads generated by oscillation in some form of periodic motion. This interaction can be noticed in an automobile compartment, where the int

Event detection for sensor networks.

Many applications of wireless sensor networks, such as object tracking and disaster monitoring, require effective and efficient techniques to detect events of interest in the physical world. Despite the simplicity in implementation, the existing threshold-based approach to event detection suffers fr

Threshold phenomena in NK landscapes.

In this thesis, we study the threshold phenomena in the NK landscape, a combinatorial model widely used in the study of genetic algorithms and population genetic dynamics. We establish two random models for the decision problem of the NK landscape model, called the uniform probability model<