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电子学 & 通信 : 学术学位

Nearfield spot-beamforming with distributed arrays.

In view of limited spectral resources, the explosive growth in the number of wireless users accompanied by a shift to more sophisticated broadband services, makes mutual interference among users an increasingly pressing problem. Despite the fact that antenna arrays and beamforming are widely recogni

Nonlinear control of electric machines.

Three main types of electric machines, DC motors, AC induction motors, and AC synchronous motors, have driven industry for nearly a century. Although brushed machines are more expensive in terms of maintenance and manufacture when compared to their brushless counterparts, they have been historically

Principal component analysis with multiresolution.

Eigenvalue decomposition and multiresolution are widely used techniques for signal representation. Both techniques divide a signal into an ordered set of components. The first component can be considered an approximation of the input signal; subsequent components improve the approximation. Principal

A high-speed iterative closest point tracker on an FPGA platform .

The Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm is one of the most commonly used range image processing methods. However, slow operational speeds and high input bandwidths limit the use of ICP in high-speed real-time applications.;This thesis presents and examines a novel hardware implementation of a hi

High-intensity focused ultrasound phased arrays for myocardial ablation.

Cardiac arrhythmia is the number one cause of cardiac arrest and is currently treated with a number of different ablation techniques, drugs, or implantable defibrillators. A direct and lasting cure can be obtained by ablating certain tissue regions using catheters. However, catheter based ablation i

Bipolar cascade segmented ridge lasers.

Conventional in-plane lasers are poorly suited to direct intensity modulation, due to their limited differential efficiency and inherently low input impedance. Bipolar cascade lasers address these problems by incorporating multiple diodes, connected in series, but have proven very difficult to make,

Design and implementation for secure embedded biometric authentication systems.

Embedded personal authentication systems based on biometric information offers great security and convenience. The biometric processing is data intensive and the implementation on a resource-constrained mobile device is required to be efficient in terms of speed, memory, as well as energy consumptio

Motion estimation and motion-based segmentation in digital image sequences.

This dissertation considers four independent but interconnected problems relating to motion estimation and motion-based segmentation in digital image sequences. The work is based on velocity tuned 2D + T filter method which tunes the mother function to spatial translation, temporal translation, spat

Concatenated space-time coding for large antenna arrays.

Wireless communications system performance under fading conditions can be greatly improved when multiple antennas are used at the transmitter and/or at the receiver. Information-theoretic results indicate that, under certain fading statistics, the available data rates are proportional to the antenna

A/D converters with system embedded calibration for wireless applications.

The scaling of CMOS technology has made it feasible to integrate complex digital signal processing functions in wireless transceivers. Several analog functions in communication systems are increasingly being displaced by algorithms implemented in a digital baseband processor. As a result, more strin