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环境科学 & 安全科学 : 学术学位

Carbon dynamics of southern Rocky Mountain fens.

The objectives of my dissertation were to determine: (1) the current carbon accumulation rates in Rocky Mountain National Park pristine fens, (2) whether the Grand Ditch water diversion in Rocky Mountain National Park decreased carbon accumulation in fens, (3) how much the water table

Filtration performance of geotextile-wastewater treatment sludge systems.

Design of capping for contaminated sludges typically involves use of a geotextile and requires evaluation of filtration performance. The objective of this study was to investigate the filtration performance of wastewater sludge with a variety of geotextiles and develop geotextile filter criteria bas

A study of geographical characterization of ship traffic and emissions and cost-effectiveness of reducing sulfur emissions from foreign waterborne commerce for the United States west coast.

This dissertation enhances existing methods and develops the Waterway Network Ship Traffic and Air Emissions Model (WWN-STAEM) to improve the accuracy of spatially resolved emissions inventories. Global empirical ship traffic networks were built based on historical ship locations. Sulfur emissions f

Control of silica scaling phenomena in reverse osmosis systems.

Industrial development in the Border region of Mexico and Texas depends on the availability and quality of water; several industries require high quality process water. Reverse osmosis systems achieve that quality, but high concentrations of silica in the local water supplies limit the recovery. Sil

Arsenic characterization in soil and arsenic effects on canola growth.

Reactions of soil arsenic with arsenic addition and the effects of soil arsenic on canola were studied because of a lack of information on this subject. The reactions of different pools of soil arsenic to arsenic addition were studied. The effects of soil arsenic and arsenic form and concentration i

Sulphur biogeochemistry in a mine tailings lake.

Field and laboratory investigation was carried out to determine the controls on acid generation associated with sulphur (S) oxidation in a Northern Ontario mine tailings lake (Moose Lake). Field results showed major seasonal pH drops occurred, resulting from substantial acid generation in the lower

Sediment fluxes in a partially stratified estuary.

This dissertation investigates the sediment fluxes observed in a partially stratified estuary. In an experiment spanning from neap to spring tides, vertical profiles of velocity, salinity and suspended sediment were collected within a channel in northern San Francisco Bay.; During weaker neap tides,

A tundra of sickness: Cancer, radiation, and contagion among Alaskan Inupiat.

Cancer is the leading cause of death among Alaska Native women and the third leading cause of death among Alaska Native men. Speculation abounds as to why people living in some of the most remote regions of the United States are crippled with cancer, and, without a doubt, these theories are emotiona