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轻工业技术 : 学术学位

A vegetable garden plan for a family of four.

The objective of the thesis was to develop a traditional vegetable garden plan for a family of four. The plan was to provide at least three servings of vegetables, including a deep yellow or green vegetable, per person per day for a year. A preliminary plan was developed and presented to Master Gard

Detection of formaldehyde via reactive dye fluorescence.

The buildup of formaldehyde in closed space environments poses a direct health hazard to personnel. NASA has established a maximum permitted concentration of 0.04 ppm for 7 to 180 days for all spacecraft. Early detection is critical to insure that formaldehyde levels do not accumulate above these li

Adults with disability: Care network characteristics and outcomes.

The study examined the characteristics and outcomes of family and friend networks providing care to adults with disability in order to inform caregiving policies and research that traditionally have focused only on care dyads not care networks, network support not care, and care to children or senio

Development of a hybrid model for simulating combustion reactions.

Traditional chemical kinetics' deterministic simulation of reaction profiles is empirically accurate for large copy molecules. However, it is often not accurate for small copy molecules that tend to react stochastically. These small copy molecules can have a major impact on global kinetics. Purely s