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机械 & 仪表工业 : 学术学位

Parallel mechanisms with flexure joints: Analysis, design, and optimization.

Flexure joints are frequently used in precision mechanisms, from motion stages to micro-robots. Due to their monolithic construction and superior wear and loss properties, flexure joints can be used to reduce the mechanism size and increase the positioning accuracy. The compliance of flexure joints,

Dynamic stresses during structural impacts and water hammer.

A dynamic stress theory was developed to provide a uniform solution technique for dynamic stress problems. Dynamic stresses occur during impacts between objects and loads suddenly applied to structures, and these dynamic stresses can be described by closed form equations. The basic dynamic stress eq

Coupling of the detonation and the precursor shock wave in the channel effect.

When a detonation propagates in an explosive that partially fills a channel, a shock wave can be generated in the air gap between the explosive and its confinement. This is typically referred to as the channel effect. In the air gap, the detonation products behave as a piston, which drives the precu

Analysis of the crankshaft/main-bearings system of a multicylinder engine.

The elastohydrodynamic behavior of the crankshaft/main-bearings system plays a crucial role in the performance of a multi-cylinder engine. This elastohydrodynamic behavior relates to the tribology of the main-bearings, the dynamics of the engine structure, and the dynamics of the crankshaft. It is a

Atomic structure of ferroelectric domain walls, free surfaces and steps.

The goal of this thesis is to develop a general framework for lattice statics analysis of defects in ferroelectric Perovskites. The techniques presented here are general and can be easily applied to other systems as well. We present all the calculations and numerical examples for two technologically

A spatial approach to nonlinear vibration analysis.

All real vibrating systems are nonlinear; however, nonlinear behaviors are not always observed in the system dynamics. Input types and levels, boundary conditions, and other characteristics of the experimental environment determine whether or not the nonlinearities surface during testing. Traditiona

An energy and cost analysis of residential ground-source heat pumps in Iowa.

The objective of this study was to evaluate residential ground-source heat pumps throughout the state of Iowa and use that information to develop educational opportunities for prospective ground-source heat pump owners. The ground-source heat pumps were evaluated based on performance, efficiency, an

Developpement d'un outil de simulation energetique de batiments (French text).

The scope of this study is to develop a user-friendly software to evaluate building hourly loads. The following physical phenomena are taken into account: transient thermal conduction through opaque walls, convection and long wave radiation interchange at the internal and external surfaces, solar he

Numerical simulation of compressible homogeneous turbulence.

The renewed interest in hypersonic flight has fostered a need to increase our understanding of turbulence and mixing in high Mach number flows. The objective of this work is to aid the development of turbulence models for compressible flows by using direct numerical simulations of compressible homog


Experimental and numerical results are presented examining the combustion of coal-slurry fuels.; The combustion characteristics of a coal slurry agglomeration with and without metallic additives were investigated. The kinetics of the C-CO(,2) reaction was re-examined since it has a significant influ