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数学 & 物理 & 化学 & 力学 : 学术学位

Topics in nonsupersymmetric field theory and string theory.

In this two-part thesis, we study various non-supersymmetric aspects of field theory and string theory.; In part I, we focus on N = 1 supersymmetric gauge theories. Nonperturbative effects in these theories can spontaneously break supersymmetry, a phenomenon known as dynamical supersymmetry break

First principles calculations of semiconductor liquids and clusters.

Semiconductor materials are of great technological and fundamental interest. These materials are at the heart of almost all modern electronic devices and serve as the fundamental testing ground for the electronic structure of solids. While crystalline semiconducting materials are have been extensive

Studies with ultracold atoms.

In this dissertation, I will describe a series of experiments and studies that involved ultracold atoms. These atoms have sub-millikelvin temperatures, allowing for unprecedented control and for the possibility of very precise fundamental measurements. In particular, I will concentrate on investigat

Electronic structure of DNA and related biomaterials.

The electronic structures of the nucleobases, 5-fluorouracil compounds, DNA, metallic DNA, and samples of boron nitride are investigated. Soft X-ray absorption (XAS) and emission (XES) spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation are used to probe the unoccupied and occupied partial densities of electro

The dynamic foundation of fractal operators.

The fractal operators discussed in this dissertation are introduced in the form originally proposed in an earlier book of the candidate, which proves to be very convenient for physicists, due to its heuristic and intuitive nature. This dissertation proves that these fractal operators are the most co

Attractors for Lyapunov cases of the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation.

A special case of the complex Ginzburg-Landau (CGL) equation possessing a Lyapunov functional is identified. The global attractor of this Lyapunov CGL (LCGL) is studied in one spatial dimension with periodic boundary conditions. The LCGL may be viewed as a dissipative perturbation of the nonlinear S

Some Diophantine problems (Spanish text).

The aim of this PhD thesis is the study of some diophantine problems. Some of them are related with Pythagorean triples and the others with arithmetical functions.; In particular, chapter 1 begins with two historical notes about Diophantus' Arithmetic and the Plimpton tablet 322, to be followed, in