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Tank waste remediation system configuration management plan

The configuration management program for the Tank Waste Remediation System (TWRS) Project Mission supports management of the project baseline by providing the mechanisms to identify, document, and control the functional and physical characteristics of the products. This document is one of the tools

RAVEN: Dynamic Event Tree Approach Level III Milestone.

Conventional Event-Tree (ET) based methodologies are extensively used as tools to perform reliability and safety assessment of complex and critical engineering systems. One of the disadvantages of these methods is that timing/sequencing of events and system dynamics are not explicitly accounted for

Notes on the Langevin model for turbulent diffusion of 'marked' particles.

Three models for scalar diffusion in turbulent flow (eddy diffusivity, random displacement, and on the Langevin equation) are briefly described. These models random velocity increment based Fokker-Planck equation is introduced as are then examined in more detail in the reverse order. The Fokker-Plan

Modeling electrodeposition for LIGA microdevice fabrication

To better understand and to help optimize the electroforming portion of the LIGA process, we have developed one and two-dimensional numerical models describing electrode-position of metal into high aspect-ratio molds. The one-dimensional model addresses dissociation, diffusion, electromigration, and

Richland O2 R and D Program: Semiannual report summary.

The complete semiannual R and D report consists of this summary and two companion reports, one from DUN which covers reactors and another from ARHCO which covers separations. These companion reports are listed in the set of references in the back of this summary. This semiannual report covers progre

Cooling Tower Simulation with Coal Gasification Wastewater. Final Report

This study was an investigation into the feasibility of utilizing a coal gasification wastewater as makeup to an evaporative cooling tower. A bench scale cooling tower and heat exchanger were constructed and four experimental test runs were performed. Two of the test runs were made with wastewater a

Coal Fines Consolidation

The primary objective of this study was to survey existing methods and techniques for consolidating coal fines into lump coal which would be suitable as feed to fixed bed gasifiers. Another objective was to characterize the properties of consolidated coal which would establish its suitability for us

Hydrodynamics of a Vertical Hydraulic Fracture

We have developed a numerical algorithm, HUBBERT, to simulate the hydrodynamics of a propagating vertical, rectangular fracture in an elastic porous medium. Based on the IFD method, this algorithm assumes fracture geometry to be prescribed. The breakdown and the creation of the incipient fracture is