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美国政府科技报告&其他 : 美国政府科技报告

List of Achievements

[1]Effect of growth conditions on magnetic and structural properties in Gd-doped GaN layers grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy, Shigehiko Hasegawa, Sachio Komori, Kotaro Higashi, Daijiro Abe, Yi-Kai Zhou, and Hajime Asahi: Phys. Stat. Sol. C, 9 (3) (2012) 741-744. [2]Structural, magneti

Study on high bootstrap current fraction plasma

A new experimental regime was studied for achieving high fraction of the bootstrap current in the JT-60U hydrogen discharges recently. The high poloidal beta (up to 3.61) plasma was obtained at a very high edge safety factor (I_p = 0.3 MA, B_t = 3.65 T, q_(eff) = 25 ~ 35) region, and the bootstrap c


The Gabriel is an antiship missilernbuilt by Israel Aircraft Industriesrn(IAI). More advanced versions, thernGabriel Ⅲ and Gabriel Ⅳ were developed,rnbut never entered production.rnThe Gabriel was produced underrnlicense by South Africa as the Skorpioen,rnand in Taiwan as the HsiungrnFeng I. The Gab

Piezoelectric Transducers, Delay Lines, and Analog Signal Processing

1. Bulk Acoustic Wave Transducers 1.1 Unloaded Transducer 1.2 Loaded Transducer 2. Bulk Acoustic Wave Delay Lines 2.1 Pulse Echo Mode 2.2 Buffer Rod Materials 2.3 Acoustic Losses in Buffer Rods 2.4 BAW Buffer Rod Applications 3. Suface Acustic Wave Transducers 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Interdigital Trans


Laos' only existing railway line is a 3.5 km link between Thanaleng, near Vientiane, the Laos capital, to the Friendship Bridge over the Mekong River, at which point it joins the State Railway of Thailand network at Nong Khai. This phase one link was completed in 2009 and in 2015 was running twice d

Long-Term Tendencies in Total Ozone over Northern Hemisphere Mid-Latitudes

The goal of our work is to detect the long-term tendency in total ozone time series for several stations from the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes region (Arosa, Belsk, Boulder, Sapporo). The problem is how to describe this tendency. The simple linear trend approach is no longer valid because of th



A Simplified Model of 3-D Pipe System Conveying Flowing Liquid

This paper presents a model reduction technique of a 3-D pipe system with flowing liquid. In the analysis and design of control (mechatronic) systems it is useful to work with simple, low order models. A hybrid reduced order model is proposed. The system model consists of two parts, the modal model


FNH, the state-owned rail operator, was formed in 1958. The 914 mm gauge system (Vaccaro and Standard Fruit) was nationalised in 1976 followed by the 1,067 mm gauge (Tela Railroad) in 1983. The remaining 1,057 mm gauge also came under FNH control. By the end of the century all rail activity had ceas

Mind the Divide Surrounding Knowledge Representation

The paper identifies the so-called belief sets mediation problem as one of those important issues which tend to fall into the cracks between KR and its neighboring areas and thus do not receive the deserved attention by KR. It also questions the exclusive restriction of KR on the traditional linguis

Space Environment Measurement Group

The Space Environment Measurement Group conducts research on space environment measurement technologies, develops on-board equipment based on the results of the research, evaluates space environment models based on actual space experience, and creates other technologies essential to its goal of supp

5. 直流機メーカ撤退に伴う修理メーカへの継承


Kostengünstige Herstellung topographischer Karten mit Standard-Grafiksoftware

Mit dem Vektorgrafikprogramm Adobe Illustrator und dem Plug-in Avenza MAPublisher steht eine L?sung bereit, mit der GIS-Daten in einer Standard-Grafikanwendung visualisiert werden k?nnen. In nachstehendem Beitrag wird ein kostengünstiges Verfahren beschrieben, bei dem topographische Karten unter Ver

Radial, mixed and axial flow pumps. Introduction.

ESDU 80030 is primarily intended to provide a non-specialist with sufficient background for selection of an appropriate type of pump, for writing its specification and for the appraisal of tenders. Sections on pump performance characteristics, illustrations of typical configurations, features of nat


This chapter discusses the equipment and X ray apparatus necessary for an SSDL to perform calibrations of diagnostic dosimeters. In many aspects, the requirements and procedures for setting up the calibration facility do not differ from those used for the calibration of radiotherapy equipment descri

VCSELs: A Research Review

This chapter attempts to briefly review the research history of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs). Based on the contents of previous monographs on VCSELs written in English, we motivate the selection of topics in the present book and give an introduction to the individual chapters. Mo