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Nerve-target interactions in the mouse peripheral taste system.

Taste buds in the gustatory system are dependent on innervation for maintenance of structure and function, but the mechanism of nerve-target interaction remains unclear. Studies of fungiform taste bud development utilizing "knockout" mice have began to successfully elucidate molecular mechanisms of

Application of augmented reality to dimensional and geometric inspection.

Ensuring inspection performance is not a trivial design problem, because inspection is a complex and difficult task that tends to be error-prone, whether performed by human or by automated machines. Due to economical or technological reasons, human inspectors are responsible for inspection functions

Scale formation on polypropylene and copper tubes.

The scaling behaviors of polypropylene and copper were compared quantitatively under accelerated conditions (distilled water or high supersaturation) and more realistic conditions (potable water and low supersaturation). In addition, the effect of surface roughness on scaling on polypropylene surfac

The nature of faith in the lifelong journey: A phenomenological inquiry.

A growing body of literature suggests that those who maintain a religious belief and strong spiritual support system will generally display a significant appearance of emotional and psychological well-being. These persons believe that having a relationship with a higher power is the ultimate purpose

Environmental analysis model for modular design of electromechanical products.

Due to the internal and external pressure, more and more manufacturing enterprises are working to improve the environmental performance of the goods they provide. As to most electromechanical products, both products themselves and the related processes may cause environmental pollution. Environmenta

Modeling and decision-making in a semiconductor supply chain.

This work analyzes supply chain dynamics, specifically that of the semiconductor industry. Very high capital investments, uncertainties in demand and supply, short product life cycle, long lead times and short order to delivery times are characteristics of such supply networks.; Flow of material acr

Toward a conceptual definition for social competence: An exploratory study.

Law, Wong and Song (2004) explain that the study of social competence has its roots in Thorndike's (1920) proposition that intelligence has three broad based components. One of three described intelligence in the social arena is the ability to understand and manage men and women, boys and girls---to

Fuzzy logic based assignable cause diagnosis using control chart patterns.

Control charts are widely used in manufacturing and non-manufacturing processes to monitor process average and to reduce variations in quality characteristic. The variations could be either due to common causes, which are inherent nature of the process and unavoidable, or assignable causes which can

Socratic encounters: Plato's Alcibiades.

The aim of this dissertation is to situate our reading of the Platonic dialogue Alcibiades Major among both ancient and modern readings of the dialogue. Since the nineteenth century the issue of authenticity has preoccupied most modern commentators of the dialogue, but from all reasonable evidence,

Reactions of substituted aromatic molecules on the silicon(001) surface.

Organic molecules possess unique physical and electronic properties that could be incorporated as components in new technologies, such as molecular electronics, biosensors and DNA chip arrays. While the properties of individual molecules often can be measured and predicted, the technological value o