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自然科学总论 : 外文会议


Displacement is the most easily understood vibration parameter, yet is the least commonly utilized in vibration analysis. Measuring displacement with a 4-20 mA sensor is now an option. With an accelerometer mounted on the machinery and no cabling oro instrumentation before it is converted to displac

Space Systems

The panel will provide an overview of the past, present and future cooperative efforts takingrnplace in their region and the lessons learned with regard to the practice of systems engineering and international cooperation. The panel will also discuss future missions and activities that are likely to

The International Space Station Timeliner System

This paper describes th international Space Station User Interface LAnguage Timeliner System in three parts. part 1 provides a high level overview of the timeliner system, a summary of timeliner suers onboard the ISS, and a short descriptin of the development process adapted due to a number of speci


Based on the presentation of an aluminiumsmelter and its regional setting, the paper present the characteristics of a social impact follow-up model, and shows the relevance of interfaces to integrate numerous data and issues. It also demonstrates the relevance to distinguish, but also to oppose soci

Transparent Sharing of Web Resources

This paper discusses different design possibilities of a web-sharing environment based on the Jasmine collaboration tool. The main function of such a web-sharing environment is to transparently share web resources among several geographically distributed users, without the need to change the already


Through the studies, the following conclusions are drawn. The HY zeolite catalysts for the alkylation decay due to coke deposition on catalyst surface. The crystallite structure and number of TPD weak acid sites of the catalyst can hardly change through alkylation reaction and regeneration. And the

Anticipatory Classifier Systems: An Overview of Applications

In part 1 of this paper "Anticipatory Classifier Systems: An Introduction" (this volume) the current version of the Anticipatory Classifier System (ACS) was described. Now the performance of the ACS will be discussed by giving an overview of applications. Furthermore extensions of the ACS are presen

Price and Service Competition among Regional Ports

In this paper, we focus our analysis on pricing and service competition in regional port cluster consisting of multiple ports which are closed to each other. We present the pricing and service decision models under port cooperation and port competition conditions and examine how the intensity of por

Modeling of Sustainable Development of China

During many centuries the Chinese society was poised on the verge of sustainable development.The formation of the civilization occurred in an atmosphere of severe wars, serious socially-ecological crises, shortages of resources, but however special self-organizing system, allowed to survive and to d

Systems Engineering Standards and Models Compared

Currently there ar vive systems engineering standards in various stages of release and three systems engineering capability models. The makes it difficult to know what to use as a basis for process improvement. This paper discusses the similarities and differences among the standards and models. The

Systems Thinking for the 21st Century

As we enter the 21st Century, we are witnessing a number of phenomena that provide fertile ground for the growth of systems thinking: a greater recognition of interconnectedness than ever before; scepticism amongst Western populations about supposedly value-neutral science; and a political interest

A Study on the Positioning of Online Games Using Multi-Dimensional Scaling

The game industry of South Korea has been well-known by its speedy innovation and development.By measuring the perceived distances of the top ten games,this study placed their positions scattered on a two-dimensional map using multi-dimensional scaling.For the purpose of a pilot study,we collected d

On Heterogeneity of Complex Networks in the Real World

Although recent studies have made great progress in the research on heterogeneity of complex networks with power-law degree distribution in the real world,they seem to ignore that there may be different types of heterogeneities. Therefore,this paper,from the perspective of power-law degree dist