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Durability of wet-bond between hybrid FRP laminate and cast-in-place concrete.

Wet-bond of hybrid carbon and glass fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites to cast-in-place concrete has been developed for a steel-free reinforced concrete structure. The prefabricated FRP is to serve as both stay-in-place form and external reinforcement, and the carbon and glass hybrid to provi

Mentoring Strategies to Prevent Leadership Shortfalls Among C-Suite Executives

Corporate organizations are facing a shortage of future senior management leaders. The purpose of this single case study was to explore leadership mentoring strategies used to develop future C-suite executives in the waste industry. Companies may improve business practices by mentoring future genera

African American Single Mothers' Perceptions of Physical Activity.

Insufficient physical activity detracts from healthy living and has a disparate impact on African American women and their female children. The extensive body of prior research addressing preventable chronic disease and other consequences of insufficient physical activity includes limited informatio

A Biot formulation for geotechnical earthquake engineering applications.

The mechanical behavior of saturated soil is mainly governed by the interaction between the soil skeleton and the pore fluid, and this interaction may lead to significant loss of strength known as liquefaction under seismic loadings. The main objective of this thesis is to develop and implement a cy

Managing Information Overload for Senior Leaders in the 21st Century.

Information overload is a state where information input exceeds processing capability by an individual, and adverse effects of information overload, such as becoming less productive, making bad decisions, and becoming highly selective, are growing. Guided by Glaser and Strauss' work on grounded theo

Skill-driven optimization of construction operations.

Although product and process models have been developed for the construction industry, current representations of the processes do not allow reasoning about the suitability of a certain tool or construction method to a particular case. Such reasoning requires means to represent the movements of what

Employee Turnover Intention in the U.S. Fast Food Industry.

Employee turnover in the U.S. fast food industry has been high, averaging rate 150% per annum. The purpose of the correlational design study was to examine the relationships between job satisfaction factors, job dissatisfaction factors, and employee turnover intentions among fast food employees to d

Road traffic condition acquisition via mobile phone location referencing.

This thesis investigates the viability of real-time traffic monitoring based on location information that originates from general mobile phones. The worldwide propagation of mobile phone subscribers and the rapid progress of mobile phone locating technologies in recent years have provided the potent