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Lefebvre for Architects

Meanwhile, Henri Lefebvre's conception of 'space' as the fundamental category of politics and of the dialectic itself-the one great prophetic vision of these last years of discouragement and renunciation-has yet to be grasped in all its path-breaking implications, let alone to be explored and implem

Paris est-elle la ville la plus polluée du monde ?

Le message lancé sur le réseau social Tweeter le 18 mars selon lequel ce jour-là, à la veille du printemps, il n'existait pas dans le monde de ville plus polluée que Paris a marqué les esprits. Son auteur : une entreprise française qui préparait le lancement d'une application mobile sur la qualité d

Won't Back Down

Few things rankle american conservatives like the concept of international law. The idea that foreigners - a Belgian, say, or heaven forbid an Iranian or a Russian -might have something to say about the legality of actions taken by a U. S. citizen is regarded as anathema. Hence Washington's refusal

Feeding Iberian pigs with acorns and grass in either free-range or confinement affects the carcass characteristics and fatty acids and tocopherols accumulation in Longissimus dorsi muscle and backfat

The experiment was undertaken to provide information on the influence of grass intake in a high fat diet based on acorns, in either free-range or confinement, on the carcass yield and characteristics, and on the accumulation of fatty acids and tocopherols. Groups raised free-range or with acorns and

Biometric IDs: The Right Solution?

With airport security now a regular part of our travelling lives, a lot of attention is being paid to how we can make the processes and procedures in this area more effective and efficient. A large part of this challenge centres on the ability to accurately ID people, whether they happen to be pas

Managing the threat from weather and outside force using ILI

WEATHER AND OUTSIDE FORCES are a threat to many pipelines. Pipelines can be loaded by external forces caused by different types of events, including settlement, wash-out/flooding, subsidence, landslides, earthquakes, and human activity adjacent to the line. In some cases the effect can be immediate.

Optimal Feed-in Tariff Schedules

We analyze the design of optimal feed-in tariff schedules under production-based learning. We examine least cost policies in a simple two-period model that focuses on bringing down the levelized cost of renewable technologies to a predefined target under two well-known dynamics: learning-by-doing (L


Der Verlust der kindlichen Unschuld, die Veränderung von Körper und Geist und die schmerzhafte Erkenntnis, ab sofort selbst verant-wortlich zu sein: Der Wendepunkt zwischen naiver Verspieltheit und erwachsener Geradlinigkeit manifestiert sich modisch in jugendlich anmutenden Entwürfen für Frühjahr/S

Good advice

Since its election two years ago, the UK government has sent out mixed signals on science and technology. Budgets for the grant-giving research councils have been maintained, but other areas of research spending have been cut. Meanwhile, the potential of science and innovation to help pull the econo

Hysteresis Modulation of Multilevel Inverters

The hysteresis modulation for power electronic converters is attractive in many different applications because of its unmatched dynamic response and wide command-tracking bandwidth. Its application and benefits for two-level converters are well understood, but the extension of this strategy to multi

Deceiving entropy based DoS detection

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks disable network services for legitimate users. As a result of growing dependence on the Internet by both the general public and service providers, the availability of Internet services has become a concern. While DoS attacks cause inconvenience for users, and revenue