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On trouvera ci-après le sens donné aux termes ci-dessous dans le contexternde la présente publication. Ces définitions peuvent être différentes dans d’autresrndisciplines. Lorsqu’elles existent, les définitions sont extraites d’autresrnpublications existantes de l’AIEA, même si quelques termes sont

WTO, Intellectual Property Rights, and the Access to Medicines Controversy

In August 2003, the World Trade Organization (WTO) reached an agreement on the use of compulsory licenses by developing countries without manufacturing capacity to access life-sustaining medicines. This agreement was incorporated as an amendment to Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Righ

List of Achievements

[1]Effect of growth conditions on magnetic and structural properties in Gd-doped GaN layers grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy, Shigehiko Hasegawa, Sachio Komori, Kotaro Higashi, Daijiro Abe, Yi-Kai Zhou, and Hajime Asahi: Phys. Stat. Sol. C, 9 (3) (2012) 741-744. [2]Structural, magneti

War Powers Resolution: Presidential Compliance.

Two separate but closely related issues confront Congress each time the President introduces Armed Forces into a situation abroad that conceivably could lead to their involvement in hostilities. One issue concerns the division of war powers between the President and Congress, whether the use of Arme

Model Curriculum for Training Tractor-Trailer Drivers: Student's Manual

This Student Manual is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation's, Federal Highway Administration's, Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety's (BMCS) 'Model Curriculum for Training Tractor-Trailer Drivers.' The content of the manual is based upon the BMCS Proposed Minimum Standards for Training Tractor-

Multi-resolution mapping using surface, descent and orbit images

Our objective is to produce high-accuracy maps of the terrain elevation at landing sites on planetary bodies through the use of all available image data. These technologies are important for performing rover navigation in future space missions and the maps provide a tool for coordinating rovers in

Study on high bootstrap current fraction plasma

A new experimental regime was studied for achieving high fraction of the bootstrap current in the JT-60U hydrogen discharges recently. The high poloidal beta (up to 3.61) plasma was obtained at a very high edge safety factor (I_p = 0.3 MA, B_t = 3.65 T, q_(eff) = 25 ~ 35) region, and the bootstrap c

Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Rough Sets

In this chapter, the concept of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy soft rough sets is introduced. Also interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy soft rough set-based multi-criteria group decision-making scheme is presented, which refines the primary evaluation of the whole expert group and enables us t

Tank waste remediation system configuration management plan

The configuration management program for the Tank Waste Remediation System (TWRS) Project Mission supports management of the project baseline by providing the mechanisms to identify, document, and control the functional and physical characteristics of the products. This document is one of the tools


The Gabriel is an antiship missilernbuilt by Israel Aircraft Industriesrn(IAI). More advanced versions, thernGabriel Ⅲ and Gabriel Ⅳ were developed,rnbut never entered production.rnThe Gabriel was produced underrnlicense by South Africa as the Skorpioen,rnand in Taiwan as the HsiungrnFeng I. The Gab

Notes on the Use of Radar in Remote Sensing of Forests

The purpose of the article is to present the most important notes in the point ofview of radar remote sensing of forests, that the author has collected mostly from the literature and from a couple of representations arranged in German Aerospace Research Establishment in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich.

Effect of neck warming and cooling on thermal comfort

The potential use of local neck cooling in an area superficial to the cerebral arteries was evaluated by circulating cold or hot water through two copper disks held firmly against the neck. Subjective responses indicated that neck cooling improves the thermal comfort in a hot environment.

AN/TPQ-36(V) & EQ-36/TPQ-53(V) & TPQ-46(V)

The Thales Raytheon SystemsrnAN/TPQ-36(V) is part of the USrnArmy’s Firefinder artillery locationrnradar system. The TPQ-36 is the mortarrnlocation radar, while the AN/TPQ-rn37 is the artillery location radar. ThernTPQ-36 entered production in 1977rnand the last US Army/USMC systemrnwas fielded in N