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High Speed Reflectometer for EUV Mask-Blanks

AIXUV GmbH and partners have developed a high speed Reflectometer for EUV mask-blanks which is fully compliant with the SEMI-standard P38 for EUV-mask-blank metrology. The system has been installed in June 2004 at SCHOTT Lithotec AG. It features high throughput, high lateral and spectral resolution,

Presenting an improved FRBCS to handle hybrid inputs and missing features

Evaluation of emergency medical services (EMS) is a very risky and crucial task because taking a wrong decision on that stressful circumstances leading to an uncompensated event. Recently, emergent specialists come to this conclusion that their traditional decision making process, in the situation o

Agent-based Simulation of the Diffusion of Warnings

Diffusion occurs in various contexts and generally involves a network of entities and interactions between entities. Through these interactions, some property, e.g. information, ideas, etc., is spread through the network. The network may become dynamic as entities in the network interact and informa